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Interviews Unedited - ^quietchildae

Sun Jan 29, 2012, 10:35 AM
:iconxehara: How long have you been a Community Volunteer?

:iconnyx-valentine: I was the artistic nude photography volunteer along with `wynnesome starting in July 2009, and by myself after she stepped down. I took on volunteering for the fetish photography gallery in June 2010. I stepped down to take a break back in January 2011, and then came back on for both galleries just in November!

:iconxehara: Did you choose Artistic Nudes or did it choose you?

:iconnyx-valentine: I've been interested, and involved in nudes for a long time, as well as fetish work. I started out my career as a photographer shooting content for a fetish models paysite. So, I've chosen the "mature content" galleries from the beginning, I guess! I've never felt that there was any shame in the human body, or in human sexuality, and I think that they're very beautiful things, so it was pretty much a given that I would want to document that. 

:iconxehara: How would you define an artistic nude?

:iconnyx-valentine: This one might get me in trouble with some people, but... I don't. What's art to me isn't art to someone else, what's my cup of tea, other people think is pornography. I also strongly believe that everyone has to start out somewhere, and while they might not be doing gorgeous black and white, beautifully composed and lit images, who knows what they might be capable of in the future? Rather than telling someone their work isn't art, I prefer to encourage people in improving their craft. Of course, with nudity, there will always be people who are in it just for the perceived sexyness of it, or because they just want to see people naked. Which is unfortunate, and gives people seriously interested in the genre a bad reputation. But I would argue that it is very difficult to tell the difference based on the images they are producing.

:iconxehara: Do you feel the term "Fetish" is often misconstrued in terms of artistic nudes?

:iconnyx-valentine: Not really - they're two totally different genres that can occasionally cross over, and intertwine, just like any other genres. While I represent both galleries, I do my best to acknowledge and support them as the separate entities that they are.

:iconxehara: What do you feel you've accomplished so far as a CV?

:iconnyx-valentine: Right now what I'm working on is providing more representation for people of color in the art nude daily deviations. It's something that's come to my attention as an entirely unintentional lacking, and I'm doing my best to rectify it. I also have been working on making male nudes much more accepted, as well as different body types. And I've also been working on representing new or unknown artists more.

:iconxehara: What are your goals for the rest of your term?

:iconnyx-valentine: To continue representing this gallery as best as I can, in as many ways as I can. We'll be running a contest here soon, and I'm always open to suggestions for the gallery.

:iconxehara: Are you strictly an appreciator of artistic nudes or have you modled for or taken artistic nude photographs yourself?

:iconnyx-valentine: I'm both a model and photographer for art nude images.

:iconxehara: What advice would you give to beginners?

:iconnyx-valentine: Don't give up, and do what you love. Talk to more advanced people, and listen to their critique, but don't take it personally. As a model, take care of your body, but don't hurt yourself over it. As a photographer, don't be a creep. This applies to both - you're here to make art, not to get laid.

:iconxehara: Are there any tutorials you can suggest on artistic nudes or photography in general?

:iconquietchildae: This is a very hands on field. While you can certainly read books or tutorials, nothing beats learning from a pro. Find local photographers or models in your area, and talk to them. Many photographers offer affordable workshops these days, and most models are willing to talk about how they've achieved where they are.

:iconxehara: Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you'd like to say?

:iconnyx-valentine: Send me DD suggestions! :D

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